Nestled in a thriving artist community, a relaxing escape from the stress of modern living awaits you. Here you will find the luxury of a high-end spa combined with the skillful technique, knowledge, and experience of practitioners devoted to helping you achieve optimal health & wellness. Everything we do is inspired by the cultivation of stillness and informed by the connection between mind, body, and spirit. And we do this at an unparalleled level of affordability.

Our eclectic menu of services integrate the world's most ancient healing traditions and range from medium fingertip pressure, with our signature Bliss Massage, to the deep barefoot pressure of Ashiatsu, one of the most luxurious massages on the planet. Looking for a superior experience? Try a CBD Massage with Super Salve or Bomb Butter by Rebel Reef. These unique products contain herbs like Arnica, Comfrey, Calendula, and most notably, CBD, a powerful compound extracted from agriculturally farmed hemp. Vastly improve your chronic pain & inflammation, as well as numerous skin irritations, with these revolutionary products.

Our Mission

We have a single mission at Urban Bliss — to foster the connection between body, mind and spirit by making holistic healing accessible & affordable for everyone to receive as frequently as possible.