Nestled in a thriving artist community, a relaxing escape from the stress of modern living awaits you. Our services include some of the world's most ancient healing traditions, as well as new cutting edge therapies. We have a wide variety of expertly designed sessions each with varying pressures. These session include a medium fingertip pressure with our signature Bliss Massage, a deeper kneading pressure with Zen Bodywork Therapy, and the deepest of them all with barefoot compression of Ashiatsu.


We are also pleased to be the first wellness center in Rhode Island to offer CBD treatments. Our premium Hemp CBD product line, Rebel Reef, was inspired by the healing power of nature. We combine hemp derived CBD and other powerful terpene-rich medicinal herbs, body butters, essential oils and flower essences to maximize herbal synergy. Each mindfully formulated topical & tincture is crafted to provide additional healing benefits that will greatly enhance your quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission at Urban Bliss is to deepen the connection between body, mind and spirit by offering revolutionary holistic healing modalities & products.