Affordable Healthcare


Receiving therapeutic services consistently throughout the year often comes down to a matter of cost. Our goal at Urban Bliss is to provide incredible services at prices that anyone can afford on a regular basis. We have several options available to provide easier access to the healthcare your body needs. *Please note: All of the following discounts and specials cannot be applied when using gift certificates.

First Visit at Urban Bliss

We look forward to meeting you at Urban Bliss! Enjoy your first visit at a discount. A 60-minute massage is priced at $55.00. If you decide on more time for your initial experience, that's discounted tooOur 90-minute massage is only $80.00. This is for those of you who have never visited us before and it's your very first session. You can let your therapist know when you arrive which style of massage you prefer, or when booking online you can include it in the notes. Are you interested in Chinese Medicine? Your first cupping session is discounted as well for $45.00.

Medicated Massages

We offer two types of medicated massage experiences, Bomb Butter Massage & Super Salve Massage. Even if you are already a frequent flyer with us or this is your first visit, you can enjoy your first medicated massage for only $60.00! Any medicated session thereafter will be subject to regular pricing or you can purchase multiple sessions in special 3-packs at reduced rates.

3-Pack Deals

Your body deserves to receive regular healing work. In fact, it needs it, and scientific studies have shown the amazing benefits of making it part of your routine. To make it affordable to come in often, we offer 3-pack specials on many of our services. These packages provide you with three healing sessions at delightfully discounted rates. You can enjoy a $65.00 price point per hour massage all year long & also a $95.00 price point per hour and a half session on many of our services. Click Here to learn more.

It's Your Birthday!

Isn't it lovely to get a massage on your birthday? We agree! Enjoy $20.00 off of your session anytime within 60 days of your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Good Karma Discount

We believe that massage should be available to everyone, regardless of income. Therefore, discounted exceptions will be made on a case by case basis, After reviewing your information, we will contact you to determine your reduced price. Please submit your completed form in person at the office or email to:


Discounted Gift Certificates

Twice a year, in the summertime and during the winter holiday season, you can go online to our website and purchase an unlimited amount of discounted Instant-Print Gift Certificates for yourself or for your friends and family. These special discount offers on all of our services is surely not to be missed!