Current Discounts

 *Please note: the following specials cannot be applied to gift certificates.

new guest? loyal client? have you tried zen bodywork therapy?

Calling all new guests and loyal clients! Have you tried zen bodywork therapy? We look forward to introducing you to this remarkable treatment so much that it is currently on special, priced at $65 per hour and $95 for an hour and a half. Be sure to experience it soon before the special pricing ends!

CBD treatment Special

We offer two types of CBD treatment experiences, Bliss Butter & Super Salve. Enjoy your first CBD session with Rebel Reef CBD Topicals at $15.00 off the regular pricing. *This special is for 60 minutes only.

3-Pack Series

We hope you enjoyed our 3-pack special series offered from November 2017-June 2018. Stay tuned for upcoming dates when we will be offering these lovely 3-pack special discounts on our services again.