CBD Therapies


At Urban Bliss, we offer several ways for you to experiment with CBD. You can upgrade your massage session to a Medicated Massage or try our unique herbal mini-wrap called Super Salve Me. You can also purchase our CBD Super Salve online and have it mailed to you. Please visit the What is CBD? page to learn more about why we recommend CBD oil.

Medicated Massage

Ever wonder what it would be like to receive a massage with a medical grade topical? Now is your chance! Urban Bliss is the first business in Rhode Island to offer medicated massage with Apothecanna, a topical company creating revolutionary products in Colorado.

Apothecanna caters to recreational and medical markets alike, utilizing the most powerful compounds for healing (CBD and THC) found within the cannabis plant. The recent launch of their 100% hemp-derived CBD line of cremes has allowed massage therapists across the country to finally gain legal access to the healing power of CBD. Click here for more information about selecting your medicated massage creme >>>

Enthusiasts and devotees of massage therapy and non-pharmaceutical options to combat pain and reduce inflammation are praising the benefits of using these medicinal topicals during a massage. They combine the healing power of a massage with one of nature's most complete "super" plants with users reporting longer-lasting effects and a deeper feeling of relaxation and pain relief.

What's in their products:

Organic and wildcrafted ingredients, food grade pressed oils, therapeutic-grade essential oils, recyclable packaging.

What's not:

THC, Synthetic ingredients, parabens, artificial colors and fragrance, chemicals, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.

Try this amazing upgrade experience for $12.00

HOW TO BOOK ONLINE: Click on buttons above or below to book your appointment. You can either tell us when you arrive about wanting to upgrade to a Medicated Massage or you can select "A Medicated Massage Upgrade" in addition to the massage service you choose. Any massage (except pre-natal) at Urban Bliss can be upgraded using apothecanna specialty cremes.

Super Salve Me

Elevate your massage session with Urban Bliss Botanicals topical Extra Strength Super-Salve warmed, massaged onto your back, then covered with a biodegradable thermoplastic high-density film and heat packs for maximum insulation and absorption. This upgrade is a steal at $6.00. And for all you men out there, don't think this is something fancy only reserved for the women in your life. No sir, this salve is perfect for those tense back and neck muscles you keep ignoring.

What is it?

Full Spectrum CBD Super-Salve infused with certified organic medicinal herbs, nutrient-rich oils and a synergistic blend of 6 different pure essential oils.

How is it used?

Perfect for use on sore muscles, swollen and inflamed joints, pulled ligaments and tendons, and tight knots for localized pain relief; rubbed into the temples, cheekbones, jaw, or base of neck for headaches and to decrease stress; applied to the feet for circulation or under the nose to open sinus pathways; refrigerate for an extra cooling sensation.

Still curious? Learn more about Urban Bliss Botanicals Game Changing Super-Salves.

Try this amazing upgrade experience for $6.00

HOW TO BOOK ONLINE: Click on buttons above or below to book your appointment. Select the Spa heading and choose Super Salve Me. This amazing herbal wrap can be added onto any service at Urban Bliss.