Cannabidiol Super-Salves


Salves, also known as balms or ointments, are a protective and soothing medicine for your body. Specific medicinal herbs are infused with nutrient-rich oils, melted with beeswax, and combined with therapeutic essential oils to create a healing balm that penetrates your skin and muscles, bringing much needed relief. UBB Salves are unique and considered "super" due to the addition of high concentrations of Cannabidiol (CBD) extract with a synergistic blend of other medicinal herbs and oils.

Urban Bliss Botanicals CBD Super-Salves can easily be slipped into a purse, pocket, or first aid kit. They also make great gifts!

What is it?

Full Spectrum CBD-Salve infused with certified organic medicinal herbs, nutrient-rich oils and a synergistic blend of 6 different pure essential oils. This salve is also considered a CBD-infused topical

How is it used?

Perfect for use on sore muscles, swollen and inflamed joints, pulled ligaments and tendons, and tight knots for localized pain relief; rubbed into the temples, cheekbones, jaw, or base of neck for headaches and to decrease stress; applied to the feet for circulation or under the nose to open sinus pathways; refrigerate for an extra cooling sensation.

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Key Ingredients (98% organic ingredients)

Arnica* reduces pain and inflammation; relieves sprains
Comfrey* helps heal bruises, pulled muscles and ligaments, fractured bones; moisturizes skin
Calendula* greatly heals, soothes, and softens dry chapped skin; helps treat varicose and spider veins; anti-inflammatory
Hemp Cannabidiol* eases a number of symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, nausea, bowel disorders, anxiety, and many more
Synergistic Essential Oil Blend (wintergreen, peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, lavender, clove) increases circulation of the blood and provides warmth and relaxation, induces numbness and promotes an anesthetic effect on the nerves
Olive Oil* prevents free-radical damage and minimizes appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging; brightens skin and makes skin tone more even; anti-inflammatory
Tamanu Oil* accelerates wound healing, relieves neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica; anti-bacterial; ant-inflammatory
Castor Oil* prevents stretch marks; fights signs of aging; boosts the immune system; reduces joint pain and inflammation
Kosher Certified Beeswax soothes irritated skin, rich source of Vitamin A, deeply moisturizing and skin softening

Our CBD Super-Salves come in 3 sizes and are packed in 1/2 ounce,

1 ounce, and 2 ounce screw-top metal tins.