All of our massage therapy services include complementary aromatherapy OILS and spot treatment applications with a medicated herbal topical, CBD Super Salve. Please visit our DISCOUNTS & SPECIALS page for information about our special deals throughout the year,

bliss / our signature massage

This relaxing massage integrates traditional swedish, light trigger point, and passive stretching techniques.

Select this massage to:

improve range of motion, increase circulation, release endorphins, stimulate the lymphatic system

How much time would you like?

Mini-Bliss 30 min / $45.00

Bliss : 60 min / $80.00

Bliss-Out : 90 min / $120.00

deep tissue / need more pressure?

Release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure and friction. This is for those of you who enjoy very firm pressure. There can be mild to moderate discomfort as tight muscles are worked and the knots loosened.

Select this massage to:

break up adhesions in the muscle fibers, improve tissue elasticity, relieve pain in the areas that need it the most

How much time would you like?

Mini-Deep : 30 min / $50.00

Deep Tissue : 60 min / $85.00

Mega-Deep : 90 min / $125.00

ashiatsu / the barefoot experience

Experience gravity-assisted barefoot massage. The therapist utilizes parallel bars overhead for balance while applying slow, gliding foot pressure and compression to strategic points along the back side of the body. Ashiatsu's barefoot strokes distribute pressure evenly over a large area of the body, providing a deep and relaxing massage without the pain often associated with traditional deep tissue massage. Deep tissue and Swedish style strokes are performed on the front side of the body.

Select this massage to:

experience one of the deepest, most luxurious massages on the planet, postural realignment, release back & hip tension, increase circulation

*This massage is not recommended for individuals with diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, osteoporosis, the elderly, children, or pregnant women.

How much time would you like?

Mini-Ashiatsu : 30 min / $55.00

Ashiatsu : 60 min / $90.00

The Ultimate Barefoot Experience : 90 min / $130.00

back attack / oh, my achin' back

Feeling like you need an intense session on your back, glutes, and legs? This deep tissue massage focuses entirely on the backside of the body to relieve your aches and pains.

Select this massage to:

alleviate deep tissue tension, release toxins, increase mobility & flow

How much time would you like?

Back Attack : 60 min / $85.00

absolute heaven / 2 hour massage

Do you ever feel like you wish you could have a really long session to work out all of your aches and pains? Look no further!

Select this massage to:

improve range of motion, increase circulation, release endorphins, stimulate the lymphatic system, alleviate deep tissue tension, release toxins, increase mobility & flow,

How much time would you like?

Absolute Heaven : 120 min / $160.00

pre-natal / baby love

Ease the changes and discomforts throughout pregnancy with regular massage treatments. In your session you will be comfortably supported with pillows and cushions.

Select this massage to:

alleviate pain in the pelvic/hip/lower back areas, improve skin elasticity to reduce stretch marks, reduce swelling in the hands & lower legs, help stabilize hormone levels

How much time would you like?

Pre-Natal : 60 min / $85.00

reflexology / foot euphoria

This is performed using the therapist's thumbs on your feet and hands, where the nerve endings are located. These spots correspond to all of your major organs. It also includes a relaxing foot and hand massage with peppermint lotion.

Select this massage to:

stimulate the nervous system, improve digestion, remove energetic blockages in the body

How much time would you like?

Mini-Reflexology : 30 min / $50.00

Reflexology : 60 min / $85.00

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your scheduled appointment to fill out UB paperwork, or for your convenience, you can complete the forms at home and bring them with you. You can find the Health History Forms link under our Contact Page or click here. Thank you for choosing Urban Bliss Holistic Boutique.

Cancellation Policy: Out of respect for our therapists and other clients, we ask that we receive at least 24 hours notice for all appointment changes and cancellations. While we are aware and empathize that emergencies occasionally happen, we will charge a 50% service fee for any missed or late change appointments that have not given the required notice. Thank you so much for understanding.