Medicated Treatments


Would you like a massage experience with longer-lasting effects and a deeper feeling of relaxation and pain relief? Now is your chance with a velvety whipped body butter and a powerfully concentrated salve! We are pleased to be the first business in Rhode Island to offer holistic medicated treatments.

bomb butter massage 

This 60 minute session combines the healing power of a massage with CBD, a unique compound derived from Hemp, one of nature's most complete "super" plants. We hand picked a local company specializing in herbal topicals, Rebel Reef. Their delicious whipped body butter, Bomb Butter, is a truly remarkable topical made with nutrient-rich butters from around the world and healing herbs for pain & inflammation. The end result is the smoothest and silkiest skin ever!



first-session / 60 min / $60.00

bomb butter massage / 60 min / $85.00

mega-bomb butter massage / 90 min / $125.00


Is your back in need of some special TLC? We are pleased to offer a highly concentrated "super" salve to loosen your tight back and neck muscles. RR Super Salve is also a protective and soothing medicine for your skin. Specific medicinal herbs are combined with cooling essential oils to kick your pain to the curb nearly instantly! This special topical is massaged into your back and neck and also on any tight or sore areas during your massage. It smells like a breath of fresh air and instantly opens up your senses!

first-session / 60 min / $60.00

super salve massage / 60 min / $85.00

mega-super salve massage / 90 min / $125.00


You can also purchase special discounted 3-packs for both our Bomb Butter And Super Salve massage Experiences.