Discounts & Specials


Receiving therapeutic services consistently throughout the year often comes down to a matter of cost. Our goal at Urban Bliss is to provide incredible services at prices that everyone can afford on a regular basis. We have several options available to provide easier access to the healthcare your body needs. *Please note: All of the following discounts and specials cannot be applied when using gift cards at checkout as they are gifts from a third party.

A Gift for your First Session

We look forward to meeting you at Urban Bliss! Here's a little something for your first visit as a show of appreciation. Download, print, pull it up on your mobile device, or tell us about $10.00 off at checkout to redeem your gift.

Monthly Massage Discount ($10-$15 off monthly massage)

After you have confirmed that Urban Bliss is the perfect place for you, the next step is to decide how often you would like to come. In order to gain the maximum physical, mental, and emotional benefits, we recommend receiving a massage at least once a month. This will keep you not only healthier, but more in touch with what is happening in your body. By visiting us monthly, you will also reap the reward of a nice discount, depending on the duration of the massage you select.

The Fine Print: You will automatically receive a $10.00 discount for 60 minute massages or a $15.00 discount for 90 minutes massages if its been 31 days or less since your previous massage at Urban Bliss. If more than 31 days have passed since your last session, you will pay our regular rates during your visit.

*The monthly massage discount applies to 60 or 90 minute massage services only, and cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials.

It's Your Birthday!

Isn't it lovely to get a massage on your birthday? We agree! Here's a gift from all of us at Urban Bliss to enjoy anytime within 60 days of your birthday. Download, print, pull it up on your mobile device, or tell us about $20.00 off at checkout to redeem your gift. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Holiday Instant-Print Special

For two several weeks over the winter holiday period, you can go online to our website and purchase an unlimited amount of discounted Instant-Print Gift Certificates for yourself or for your friends and family. This 25% off discount on all of our service is our biggest sale of the year and is surely not to be missed.