A Message to Starseeds—9/22/18

The latest guidance from the Council, a group of Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Goddesses, the Faery Realm, and Multi-Dimensional Galactics.

Greetings on this Fall Autumn and Spring Vernal Equinox’s in your Hemispheres!

Are you in a state of joy today? When you are in a state of harmony, you are in a state of resonance that can be heard all throughout the Universe, for your natural state is that of joy.

Everything you see appears to be fixed in a solid state, yes? However, if you were to look at every single tangible object surrounding you under a microscope, you would see movement, oscillation. Cells are sentient and they are the language through which you change from day to day, month to month, and year to year. The universe is in a constant state of flux. It is always expanding and becoming. As you are always expanding and becoming.

Much of humanity now sits upon a threshold of anticipation of a big event. Some feel the world may end on Earth. Some feel it is the beginning of everlasting Christ Consciousness. Some feel a combination of both rising toward some future event. We are here today to ask of you, what are you creating? You create through thought. Every single time, you create through your thoughts. Your emotions inform you of what direction you are going in. Keep your thoughts on the positive, or love, and that will be your experience. Keep your thoughts on the negative, or fear, and that will be your experience. It is up to you and Law of Free Will to determine the nature of the event you will experience.

Understand that this time is the Great Awakening. It is the awakening of a humanity that has largely been in the darkness. You fear death. You cling to concepts and ideologies that separate. That create all the suffering you see around you today. The deepest and truest task for every Soul on Gaia now is to remember who you are. You are a Soul inside of a human physical body learning about separation. And you are also learning about that which you can only comprehend in singular events of higher consciousness.

There are many who have come before you who have resided in this resonance more permanently on the Earth plane. And many of you are experiencing these greater insights and daily epiphanies of higher awareness. These events can happen in moments of feeling great love for another. Or for nature and the wondrous beauty of your planet.

Today on this special day of fall in America, as you are surrounded by cooler air and warmer clothes, remember your eternal nature, for we all return to the One in time. In time, in Earth time, for in the spirit world, time simply does not exist. On Earth, time is a concept which aids in the process of separation thinking, to that of past, present, future. But in spirit, time does not exist. For we all are connected to the One. And whatever we do unto ourselves, we do unto others.

Please understand every action you take toward another you will feel yourself. It may not be in that particular instance, but circumstances will rise to teach you the feelings you have made others feel. And these feelings reside in the great ethers known as the Akashic Records. This Hall of knowing is where all the stories of humanity reside. The contracts between souls are sacred and can be rewritten and reorganized and reworked at any moment so long as the souls involve choose it to be so. For choice is the one constant. You get to choose the roles, the content and the lessons of your life.

And as you live out your years, you can change these agreements as needed in order so that your soul evolves, and so that you can learn who you are by being and acting out who you are not. This is a grand illusion. That indigenous tribes refer to as The Great Mystery, for life in 3D will always have an aspect of mystery, to help you inch ever so forward to Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

Enjoy the beauty of the seasonal changes and rest in your knowing of the Oneness which will befall all Souls when each and every one of you are ready to step out of the game of separation.

With Love, Namaste dear Starseed!

Copyright 2018, Jenna Fontaine