A Message to Starseeds—9/12/18

The latest guidance from the Council, a group of Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Goddesses, the Faery Realm, and Multi-Dimensional Galactics.

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great delight that we are able to transmit our message to the Earth plane at this time. Yesterday was a tremendous day of love and peace. You may have felt the calmness of the day and the vibration collectively gathered to enlighten and uplift your thoughts from fear, worry, or concern.

Your American President alluded to the Twin Towers being an inside job. The truth will come out and there will be no question. No denying what events took place in 2001 to keep the truth hidden from the public eye.

These times speak to you in the quiet hours a longing for harmony. A longing for unity. It is during these times we whisper to you our love and our guidance. For you are never alone and we are always with you. Take this time. This important time to reflect on the past and realize everything you see, everything you think, is dependent upon:

Where are you vibrating now? Are you vibrating in a high frequency or a low frequency?

A high frequency will make you feel happy, joyful, peace-filled, loving, kind.

A low frequency will make you feel irritable, angry, resentful, the victim-mind.

This time calls upon you to raise your frequency as much as possible by being conscious of your thoughts at all times. And to speak from a place of knowing who you are. At your core you are a spiritual being inside of a human body. Never forget how connected you are to all who love you in all dimensions of time and space. It is important to recognize this relationship. Not only with us, but with your Mother Gaia. She is going through all of these changes too and she needs all of Earthlings support. Much of the work being done to assist Gaia is occurring in your dream state when you leave your body at night. A lot of the work is also done in your daily interactions with what you choose to purchase and how you choose to eat and how you choose to live. Stay conscious. Stay open. Be as loving as you possibly can right now.

Namaste, dear Starseed!

Copyright 2018, Jenna Fontaine