Are you searching for deeper meaning? More peace? Spiritual growth? Are you ready to dig deeper and transform your life?

What is an Intuitive Guidance Reading?

Intuitive Guidance Readings are an evolving synthesis of living wisdom whose central purpose is to guide you into the field of your own genius. The goal of a reading is to bring a higher harmony back into your life. Utilizing primarily the Gene Keys (a codebook of consiousness) and the hologenetic profile contained in your DNA as a road map, your reader will help you understand who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here.

Types of Guidance you may be looking for:

  • You feel stuck and need assistance getting UN-stuck.

  • You are going through a big life transition; changing careers, relationship shifts, personal growing pains.

  • You need fresh insight about your current career, relationships or life.

  • You are curious about your spiritual direction, calling or purpose.

What your Reading includes:

  • Individually written report summarizing what you may be best suited for as far as your Life’s Work, your Evolving Edge also known as your biggest Issue or Challenge, your Divine gifts, and how you Thrive in the world.

  • Valuable insight regarding the Emotional Patterns in your life which prevent you from living consistently with an open heart and how to transform your relationships.

  • 10-12 page written report (typically scheduled within 5-7 business days from the date of purchase).

Price: $150.00


I am a Healer, Writer, and Intuitive Soul Coach. It is my soul’s mission to spread love & light and help other souls awaken and develop from the inside out.

I’ve had “spiritual,” “paranormal,” bizarro,” “miraculous,” “woo-woo,” and “woo-hoo” experiences my entire life.

I love sharing my stories so much I wrote a book about them called Journey of the Revolutionary Soul: A Spiritual Path to a Life Less Ordinary. I especially love hearing your stories, but most of all, I love supporting you in creating more!

We are all gifted with an Internal Guidance System that helps us make decisions & live our lives, but sometimes we can benefit from a little extra insight from an Intuitive Guide.


  • Thousands of hours of intuitive healing work as an LMT for over 20 years

  • Master’s Degree in Metaphysics from the University of Metaphysical Sciences

  • Holistic Shamanic and Spiritual Practitioner Training with two Lakota Medicine Women


"I had a session with Jenna, and it helped me to awaken to an entirely new perspective about my life and purpose. The gentle insights clearly come from an intuitive and compassionate person. I highly recommend you receive one of her written reports!”