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The Time to Evolve is Now

In Journey of the Revolutionary Soul, Jenna Fontaine takes you on a profound journey into the heart of transformation, revealing a hidden reality that can change lives. Journey of the Revolutionary Soul immerses you into a surprising world of adventure as she travels across America in search of the hidden meaning behind existence —and she presents you with the keys to consciousness acceleration, known as the Seeds of Transformation, to reunite and reconnect you with your own empowered soul along the way.


Jenna Fontaine is an author and entrepreneur who has taken the road less traveled. Driven early in life by the seemingly conflicting desires of worldly success and deep spiritual fulfillment, she set out on a 15-year journey of self-discovery. During this period she achieved business success while continually exploring spirituality, quantum physics, and mystical practices to find the deeper meaning of life and the universe. Emerging with a profound understanding of the hidden truths of reality, she is now on a mission to help people transform their lives by guiding them to rise above their limited sense of self to live a deeply meaningful and awakened life. Jenna is the creator of 5th World Press, a blog series to help support 5th dimensional awareness and the transformation of consciousness.

11 Seeds of Transformation

The 11 Seeds of Transformation are a synthesis; tools of higher learning essential for our collective evolution as we build a New Earth.

i. Improve Your Body

1. Move the Physical Body: redefines the limits of physical accomplishment by bringing new levels of awareness to the body.

2. Eat Optimally: explores the significance of making conscious food choices so your body can enjoy clean and healthy nutrients.

3. Receive Healing: reflects upon the role healing plays in the fulfillment of greater health & wellness.

ii. enlighten your mind

4. Still the Mind: reviews the function of a calm and peaceful state of mind, through the practice of daily meditation, in determining a higher level of awareness in your daily life.

5. Align with Time: conveys the importance of sustaining a state of presence in the Now & decreasing technological distractions.

6. Understand Principles of Manifestation: surveys how to become more adept at harnessing your thoughts in order to create the reality you desire.

iii.enrich your spirit

7. Listen to Guidance: investigates how to listen to your intuition, esoteric readers, and advanced teachers known as Ascended Masters, and the advantages gained as a result.

8. Find Life Purpose: examines the passion that radiates from within when you find your higher calling.

iv.change the world

9. Embrace Diversity: supports and unifies humanity's differences relating to race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. 

10. Respect the Earth: considers your relationship with our planet and the importance of  making conscious choices as a consumer.

11. Serve Humanity: encourages you to embody love in order take determined action for the betterment of humanity.